“SLD Consult takes you from obselete past into new high-tech future in railway technology development.”


SLD Consult was founded 2016 and already possessing experience and know-how in future railway technology. We have created a high-level team with the best expertise and experience in railway. Our specialist (Designers, SW engineers, HW designers, consultants) are best in Estonia and more than 20 years of experience. On top we have developed a new generation automatic train onboard systems which is the newest and future system in railway automation.


Our main market is in Europe, former Soviet Union countries and Asia in railway infrastructure area and other industries in PLC technology.


Our main activities:

  • Consultation in railway automation projects and technical support.
  • We design the interlocking systems, onboard ATP systems and other AD systems.
  • We manufacture modern railway technology, prototypes and testbenches.