Technology and service

Main products

  • ATP V.E.P.S. systems
  • ALSN Digital code systems for Infrastructure
  • Power systems for interlockings
  • Levelcrossing systems

Under development:

  • Portative DALS systems
  • ERTMS and ALSN Hybrid system (ERTMS L3)
  • * National ATP-system, Radio remote simulators for depots


NEW Generation of ATP systems

Testrun Stadler Flirt


V.E.P.S is the new modular ALSN automatic train protection onboard system. It is based on programmable logic controller technologies.


  • First prototype was installed on the locomotives GE-C36-7i, and GE-C30-7Ai in 2002 summer. Totally 77 locomotives in Estonia, 77 single systems.
  • The first technical solution was patented in April 2004. There are versions 1.2 and 1.4 for driving with 2 men crew. Systems were upgraded in 2012.
  • The first double system and version 1.6 were 2 chinese locomotives DF7G-E.
  • A new platform (level 2.0) was installed on Stadler’s FLIRT trains for Estonia in 2012 (76 systems and 32 trains). For 1 man crew, speed up to 180 km/h, digital DATA interface to loco , up to 4 trains in one network possibility, maintenance free system, internal powerful diagnostic.
  • In 2016 a third generation of the system was introduced for the international market.
  • 2017 first prototype of version 1.5/1.6 second generation of double system with open can interface between locos.
  • 2018 Latvian national VEPS prototype. Participation in the procurement in Latvia with Stadler AG and TALGO 34 passenger trains.
  • Version 3.0 for AZ4A and AZ8A development started in 2015 with Bombardier and finished with Alstom Transportation.

Test run in AZ4A

V.E.P.S. System Version 3.0


  • Multilingual user interface
  • Individual national adaptation
  • Large functionality according infrastructure and end user requirements

V.E.P.S. System Version 3.0 for Azerbaijan RailWay


  • New display image according new functionality and technical requirements.

V.E.P.S. System Version 3.0 for AZ4A and AZ8A MMI


  • New display image according new functionality and technical requirements.
  • Internal fault monitoring functionality. Error log.
  • Maintenance free solution.

Saved juridical evidence

Saved juridical evidence

ATP-train interface



One TGM in Estonia


TM2M In Lithuania


Four C32M In Estonia


One Chme 3 in Latvia 2019 prototype

Electronic Map


Very flexible tool to generate electronic map for VEPS system.


Extensive graphical capabilities to visualize the real infrastructure situation.


Swapping of driving direction.


Jump functions inside of section and between sections.